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Thread: How to make a plot that is NOT cliche.?

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    How to make a plot that is NOT cliche.?

    This isn't completely for me, it's for a lot of people who write plot's that are too cliche. Cliche isn't always bad, only if it's too much like a certain anime/manga. I can give a few tips, like originality, and creativity, but those don't really count because MOST people know that. You can't just take a plot, like One Piece, and alter it a little bit, then call it your own. You can make one about pirates, and some amazing treasure, but honestly, people will know if it's like One Piece, cuz Eiichiro Oda is so weird. I need help to. My plot right now, which is in basic planning, is too much like Fairy Tale, as far as I'm concerned. But a lot of other people probably need help to. I'm also going to post my plot on this.
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    A quick thing to note is that no plot one writes will ever be completely original. there's so much out there nowadays that you'll be copying someone in some way whether you like it or not. strive to go against genre norms, but at the same time, do not change the entire genre.

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    ...Well, originality is hard to come by.
    But not all things cliche are bad immediately.

    You just need to take the cliche and put your own spin on it. It helps if you're a good writer.
    A lot of things that make you groan when you're reading a cliche title are obvious plot twists and utterly stupid dialog, so avoiding those even with a fairly meh overall concept (a group avenging the death of so-and-so while saving the world) makes for an okay read.

    While it's good to be completely original, you actually can take a cliche story and fix it to be readable, at least, if not actually quite good... But try to come up with it without going "One Peice is cool, I can make it like that..." Because you'll end up with heaps of similarities.

    Also, I've noticed you compare yourself and creations to other mainstream artists a lot. That's a problem. If you can see it, that's bad, but never point it out yourself. Change it when you notice or beta run through people who've read it to see if they notice/point it out.

    We can't help you with that because we don't know in what ways its similar... But I was under the impression it wouldn't be too hard to accidentally make something similar to Fairy Tale.

    As far as I'm concerned, just avoid " X splits into Y pieces, and Z needs to battle evil for control of these pieces" plots completely and you'll have some sort of chance. . u./// They're way too used up now.

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    oh right thought this would come in handy

    plots that are completely overused in mango and animu
    >shojo romance shit
    >rescue the princess
    >fight demons/ogres/mooks/stormtroopers with a weapon, and then fight other users of that weapon
    >catch/find/destroy 'em all
    >sports manga with unreasonable abilities that defy physics (prince of tennis is a hilarious example of this)
    >saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaave the wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo rld
    >your party consists of enemies you fought and defeated

    there's probably more but i don't know what else to put for now. might add more if i think of some later.

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    Every story has been done already, originality doesn't exist.

    What people do is making re-interpretation of the stories.

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    There's still a difference between Cliche and Done Before, though. :C

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClockHand View Post
    Every story has been done already, originality doesn't exist.

    What people do is making re-interpretation of the stories.
    Sorry, but, not true, my chum!

    Seriously, I really don't like it when people say this.

    There are loads of stories about pirates, but none about, say, pirates obsessed with ship customization that couldn't care less about loot.

    There are loads of stories about giant robots, but none about the poor little buggers in tanks that have to fight them.

    The trick is finding new angles, being careful about making it easy for new readers to understand, and then slowly pushing the boarders in new directions. Every once and a while, you might strike out at exactly the right moment, and a whole new genre will be invented.
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    Yeah. It's like how The Magical Girl Genre got invented. Thank Astro Boy.
    My AA thread - Updated 06/28/14

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    You're my favorite.

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    One advice, Just make sure it's completely different from the most famous ones, Cause it's already obvious in one glimpse.

    Like Fairy tale, Naruto, Bleach and Onepiece.

    I mean you could build a world about magicians, to counter it the same as fairy tale, Make it that the magicians aren't known by people through out the world, like Bleach that their identity is hidden through out the world.

    You can do it in Naruto, Onepiece as well.

    Or you can make a world just like bleach but the whole world already knows about shinigami, you can make twists that shinigami's helps crime in that world and make the peace,with the forces of the government as such.

    By altering the complete world policy people might not look it as the same.

    In story making we don't think about Characters only or Progress only, were the creator of their whole world and never forget that.

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    im not sure if this helps but try to draw your inspiration from a lot of different things. the inspiration for my manga comes from the Maximum Ride book series, Bleach, FMA and FMA: Brotherhood, Code Geass, Death Note, im not sure if these last ones count but Mark Crilley, and theronaproject. a lot of the stuff from my story comes from the Maximum Ride books but yet again draw your inspiration from multiple places

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