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Thread: So how would one,become a maga artist From USA--> Japan?

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    in your heart
    If it does sell a billion copies then it's possible.

    No one stupid enough would pay for that though.

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    well yeah but I mean if a billion people kissed my ass for a buck I'd be a billionaire too, but I don't think that's gonna happen

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    Quote Originally Posted by ram View Post
    ally in manga/comic industry, If it happens to sell you'll be a billionaire so freaking bad, standing next to Oprah and the Queen.

    Publishers are the ones that become millionaires, not the artist. Publishers do the marketing, publicity and products, all this video games based on mangas or comics are made because the Publishers said "hey, this comic/manga sells a lot, we should use the rights for a video game or a movie". Of course the artist is going to have part of the profit and if they are legally smart, they are going to have some control over their creations, but trust me, Publishers have a lot of power.

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    Just saw this thread and I agree with the sentiment that if you want to become a mangaka in Japan you're at an extreme disadvantage. This is not just because there are tons of talented artists (which there are), but because it is extremely difficult to write a well crafted story in a language other than your native tongue.

    The state of the comic industry and the major publishers (Marvel, DC) is actually pretty poor at the moment. Their sales revenue has been dropping steadily, syndication for newspapers has also been going down. So the major publishers are not buying much new IP and just trying to hold on to and profitize their current major brands. Which makes it that much harder for people starting out.

    I would suggest doing a webcomic as a way to help yourself get into the industry. This does three things that can really impact how publishers view you. Firstly and most importantly, you can build a following - this means there's already a potential revenue stream available which means less money publishers have to risk trying to create one. Second, you are constantly building a body of art work that is highly visible - the publishers are able to see exactly what kind of talent you have. Lastly, by setting your own deadlines and consistently meeting them you are proving you have the discipline needed to work in the industry.

    Who knows, maybe if you're successful enough at doing the webcomic you'll decide to self publish instead of selling to a major label. I know of at least two comic artists that have been able to make a living doing this. One is Howard Taylor of Schlock Mercenary and the other is Fred Gallagher of Megatokyo. The latter of which has had his webcomic translated into Japanese and released in takubon form in Japan - I don't know of many other webcomics that have been able to penetrate both markets.

    While there are always naysayers, I still like to believe that where there's a will there's a way. Your route just may be a little longer than some nihonjin.

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    Oda's a billionaire. A billionaire in Yen, not USD, but a billionaire regardless.
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