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Thread: Tag's Light-Novel "Hanako" ( W.I.P)

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    Exclamation Last of the hard stuff,I promise :P

    Ok,I now fully understand passive and active voices,Thanks for going into more detail :P

    And Crap,Im still no where near as good as you guys are when it comes to formatting a sentence right... ~Sigh lol,Thanks though.

    And I did what you said with Word,and yeah,you're right.Changing the comma fixed it.

    And lastly is the Time/setting situation with the story,and from there Ill think ill be good toe edit alone and then I might come back when I feel its good enough to be seen by an editor or so,idk.

    *UPDATE* 1/9/2013 ~ Been waiting to see if someone can help with the bolded area above,but to no avail have my question been answered,sadly.

    Hopefully someone will

    Also,about boarding schools,how do they work?

    Would it be right to have a man be part of an organization that covers as a place where kids of "poverty" can stay like an orphanage but also go to school?

    Like would this idea be reasonable,why or why not? Thanks
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