Celes,I don't get how it'd be the same. I want to be my own editor/writer...but I,as Matt has shown,am very ameateur from what I though was "good". I'm not asking for someone to edit my work,I am asking for someone to pass down their wisdom,and help me,become more like you guys,so I can finish my Light Novel "correctly",before going any further.

Btw - For a paid job,how much would it be,for future refrence...

But yeah,I just need some teaching in proper scripting,grammar,and such.

Thanks Matt,for clarity of the Light Novel stuff...I read it anyway,lol,I wouldn't have noticed any of that. Though,how much of a step up is that PDF's author up from me,just so I know where I am? I'm guessing like a 2{me} vs.a 6{them} ?