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Thread: Detailed Critiques Needed!Be as harsh as you can.

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    @Maxx: on a side note to this thread I want to thank maxx for being an active participant In the crit corner. We need more people to crit consistently. while I appreciate this, I beseech you to learn how to properly crit. In most of your crits I can see that the concern and genuine interest to help is there, but what you actually say doesn't really hold volume, and can be very confusing. I think the main reason for this is because, when you make a statement, you never let the person know "WHY" you are saying it. this can cause people to take things the wrong way, maybe even taking offense, when no harm was intended. All in all, I beg everyone to take more time with your crits. Ask yourself,"is this clear?" "How will this help them?" "Why am I telling them this?""Do I have my facts straight???". There's nothing wrong with crit-ing based on your personal preference or opinion...but let them KNOW its your personal preference or opinion.

    @tag654: There are many different styles of inking. for the most part Dark inking is based on shadow and lighting. A lot of artists use heavy inking(or white on black as you called it) to represent a darker feel for a picture, or rather less light. where as less ink or shades would make your picture look brighter. really its a matter of preference. I will note that dark inking, uses more ink and thus takes more time, but it can still be worth the result.
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