The basic plot and theme won't change, but is not limited to my own creativity (vast though it is). Even though one person is capable of causing mass chaos, a team makes the ride MUCH more enjoyable, and perhaps even produces a completely different game changer...the friggin possibilities man.Epic to say the least. But I'm getting ahead of myself..the plot:knights/operatives, and their different alliances determined by loyalties, to either their kings or themselves, or who knows? maybe some ingenious, virtually all powerful suit users(I'll explain later) pulling the strings? Just for starters, needless to say it'll be geared towered action, high paced and gorgeously choreographed fight sequences will break out aplenty between squads or O.R.D.E.R.s and the military suit users: the shield led by the royal guard. I dabbled with finding a cultural style to model the sophistication of the planets technological advances after, but I'll wait for opinions , I won't get too deep into the characters to avoid unfounded spoiling ( dunno the kind of traffic this site gets). But the plot revolves around the leaders of two O.R.D.E.R.s Daizuko,(I might change it)of alpha order and chokoichi of omega, I'll only give description for dai: about 6'5 scarlet hair, piercing blue eyes, (no homo), cocky, defiant, out of control, but tends to make you smile and understand, and kind of, how do I put it..inadvertently epic, he does shit with flare, hell, he'll even fail with it, I'm planning to ground him with hella badass sayings, I hate complete goofballs like naruto, irritates me to no end. Dai's drawn to confrontation but loathes killing, a preference ascertained through experience. This fact also takes it toll on his reputation, making him feared among civilians, in someways he most parallels the life of a gunslinger, he's an awkward leader, given his loner persona, but has a calming effect regarding his allies on the battlefield. I'd like a female opinion on how he behaves socially, him being inept is just to cliche maybe a jack sparrow kinda feel? And suit users, the shiny x factor, that has a lot to do with combat styles, and warfare tech, here, we'll really reach the intangible with how we customize these, the main designs stemming from elemental/ability, guardian mounts, and personality, the more important a character is, the more extensive his skill set, there will be the off and on yelling out of moves, no matter how many times it's done, it still kicks major ass, respectively. Dai guardian mount is a dragon (who saw that coming) yes it's been done, but I'm confident we'll usher in a new found respect for it also try coming up with a name for him, though it won't be abundant, they will have somewhat of a personality, and will probably be floating around shaman king style when their riders are making use of them, this is the tip of the preverbal iceberg I still have slot to tell you about the suits, but I wanna hear from potential co workers, we could really blow some minds here fellow manga/anime lovers, legends gotta start somewhere..