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Thread: Race Education and Why it Fails

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    Well there are 2 types of Stadiums, one is a professional stadium where people play soccer (we don't have other kind of stadium, not other sport is popular here) and the Community Stadium which are stadiums to do sports founded by a community. Its more like a club with a sport focus.
    And I'm talking about the latest.

    And I don't know about asians being good at math. Well i live in a asiatic island, more like a korean island in the city. Like most of my friends neighboords are asians. And yeah there are some that are good at math, and others who don't but their parents force them to do something math related because it bring money (like the case of a friend who wanted to be chef but he is study economy).

    Oh and I the latest even that its making people hate more every jew. A jew just burned a part of Torres del Paine, which is a big sanctuary of nature.
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