You ever heard those really corny sayings like "we're all one race", or "we're all technically brown" or "We're all God's children"? Whenever I hear these things, I just go "bullshit" because I think anyone with half a brain can look at someone of a different race and go "hmm...there are some differences here."

The idea that we're all the same is a total crock and a horrible way to teach people to learn to accept others. Acceptance through denial is just the worst possible thing because no true understanding comes from that. Surely, it becomes easy to accept someone if you pretend that they're just like you. But ultimately, you end up accepting nobody but yourself, or at least, the self-projection of yourself onto others. So when someone comes up to you acting differently, or thinking differently or looking differently than you do, you still have no idea how to react and cope with the situation. Why? Because, in truth, you have not developed any measure of tolerance or acceptance, simply willful ignorance of the facts.

And this applies not just to race, but to sex, age, and sexual orientation. People are living in this fairy-tale world where they pretend everyone is the same and, while this may be an easy way to lie your personal convictions away, it is not a healthy train of thought. We may feel like it's effective, but in truth it's just shoving prejudice deeper into the closet. If anything, discrimination is stronger than ever because, instead of being openly voiced, it is silently taking reign in our institutions. This is the greatest possible threat to general equity as we don't really know where and how it's happening, how to confront it and how to re-educate the people responsible for it.

So, in short, instead of pretending our issues away, let's find a way to embrace the differences of others. If not, at least understand that you have an issue with them and need to learn to either cope or expound on why you can't.