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    Mishkala managed to salvage 275gp in various coins from the Zombies and then they were off.


    The trip had thus far, since the 'incident' at the farmhouse, been uneventful. A few undead critters and a few zombies numbering a handful at a time, at most, but thankfully nothing genuinely threatening to a group of their size and skill.

    So far.


    They heard her before they could see her, the sound of large wings flapping. The first thing they could see was her flaming greatsword, well, flaming, before she came into Mishkala's visual range and then, eventually, into the range of the torchlight, before landing in front of the group.

    She was apparently Human, but stunningly, supernaturally, beautiful. Her skin was dark, a shade of brown - not dark like one of the Drow - and as such instantly marked her to Mishkala as either something expressly non-Human and/or something from another plane. She had a shapely body with a sizable chest and quite the rear, the silhouette of her *very* ample bottom quite clear even in her long dress. She had a gorgeous face, too, with golden eyes and all framed by long, straight, black hair. Although apparently an outsider, she dressed for the setting, with black lipstick, a red lace corset, and a long, high-slit, skirt. Curiously she was barefoot.
    Oh, and she had a pair of long, white, feathery wings.

    Was she an Angel? Certainly looked like an Angel, but so did Erinyes. And so did Succubi when they wanted to.

    She held her greatsword at the ready, but hadn't attacked. Yet. "Don't usually get Humans out here." She said calmly, a hint of excitement in her alluring and musical voice. "Especially not traveling with Drider. And especially not a Drider that, insofar as I can tell, is neither mental nor monstrous." Well that was good, she didn't think they were evil! "Of course," she went on, "there are magics that could fool even us Angels. Even a badass one like me." She gave a slight laugh at the last statement. "Mind explaining yourself, cutie? 'Cause, like, I've been 'round the planes, seen lots of weird stuff, and this is definitely up there, y'know?"
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