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    And then, almost all at once, the two uncovered windows broke, the wooden shutters giving way as half a dozen Zombies climbed in, practically falling over eachother. And more were clearly on the way in, behind them.

    And making things worse, one of the cabinets wasn't as sturdy as it looked, failing to stem the tide of Zombies who came in through that window, too!

    If Reg or Cake can make smaller zombie icons for me, that would be amazing.
    The Zombies are not prone, but being Zombies get only one action a turn. So yeah.
    EDIT: Zombies have 27HP and 11AC.
    EDIT: EDIT: I forgot, Zombies have DR5/Slashing. So if you hit them with a non-slashing weapon, you subtract 5 from the damage.
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