The trip to burnside manor was fortunately uneventful by Umbralume standards - only a few dozen Zombies, Wolves, and Zombie Wolves to fight or evade on the way over, and most of the Zombies in the town were easily avoided. The trip took two days, both nights of which some of the group may have been able to hear the otherwise fierce Drider woman softly crying in her sleep.


The mansion itself was thankfully gated and somewhat away from the rest of the town. With the gates closed behind them and the distance between the mansion and the town proper, it would probably be many hours, if not a day or two, before the zombies outside the gates managed to stumble their way inside, thankfully. Granted, it was probable there were already zombies within the mansion and ground, and given the late Lord Burnside's hobbies, quite probable the interior of the mansion might have other, nastier, things waiting.

The mansion itself was a fancy, two story, affair and largely intact - there were no obvious broken windows or walls and other than general neglect, no signs to show that the mansion, like the town, had recently suffered a zombie apocalypse.

The apparent points of ingress for the group were the large double doors in front, which may or may not have been locked or barred from within, and a few large windows for dynamic entry.