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    Like everything with Mishkala, this news was met not with a shocked expression or respectful silence, but instead a highly enthusiastic laugh.

    "And here I was thinking working with humans wouldn't be all that interesting!" She basically cooed, a soft but sharply accented voice betraying less than savory daydreams. "Let me tell you my dear, for starters, being considered a crime against nature and religion is underrated. Consider that the further away from being the best human you become, the closer you are to being the best something else..."

    "Many of my own Drow sisters cannot grasp this simple fact, even! Do they really think that the all-knowing gods would appear to us as simple little humanoid shapes? It's preposterous! Hilariously misguided and hilariously preposterous!"

    Whilst making her 'motivational' speech, she began to glide towards the group at a slow, relaxed, rather rhythmic pace. Lucy and Lucia were given plenty of room, but Titian was affectionately patted on the top of the head like one might treat a trusted dog.

    SPOILER! :
    Knowledge - Religion Test on anything Mishy would know relating to Lucy's descriptions...
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