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    Respite (Umbralume)

    There are rumors.
    In torchlit taverns huddled Humans have begun to whisper what the Vampires have long hoped. Argintazori, it is claimed, has vanished. The angelic defender of Humanity gone - some say it was the Vampires what killed her, while others say the Horned Society simply had her disappeared. The churches say that this is not true, or they say nothing.
    In Valahia, it is said, a powerful Human Necromancer has deposed the Vampiric baron of Inchissol and claimed the barony for her own.
    And Naletsa, the dread demon, continued to grow in power, as her cult waxes and her vile presence begins to concern even the Vampires.
    There are rumors.

    And there is a meeting. An unlikely meeting called by a Stitcher between herself, a Vampire Hunter, a infirm Psion, and an Alchemist.


    Abigail Godwin lived alone in her family's manor for many years. Well, not entirely alone, but none of the other residents were quite capable of forming even basic sentences, so they probably did not count. Recently she'd gotten a girlfriend, and in doing so gained a housemate.

    Despite having no maids or butlers, and no hired help, Abigail did have plenty of servants, and the mansion was well maintained and cared for, although some areas of it had clearly not been used in a considerable amount of time.

    Abigail personally welcomed her guests - her servants lacked people skills. She was a stunning woman with ample curves, flowing black hair, and a gorgeous face. She'd worn a conservative black dress, and while she seemed to be aware of her looks, she didn't see to feel the need to show them off.

    Escorting her guests to one of the mansion's parlors, she took a seat upon a divan and offered the Alchemist, Cleric, and Telepath chairs of their own.

    "So," she said with a smile, her voice soft, "thanks for coming. And thanks for understanding. It is not common for people to be so accepting of what it is I do." She gave a smile. "I do not blame others, though. The world is a frightful place, and progress can be scary." She gave a shrug. "I hope in time my work and efforts will maybe lessen that horror in some small way. But before we continue," Abigail gave a slight wave at Lucy. "How are you feeling, love? Shall I get you anything?"
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