2150. It is the year of Death on Xan. Its inhabitants, colonists from Earth, are being thrust into a whirlpool of gang violence fueled by a devastatingly augmenting drug: Sublimity. Shiho Frieden, an orphaned boy whose defying success does all but beam from his demeanor, must alter Xan's path of destruction from the horrific drug.

Set in the Universe of Outcast, a Jaittaceti premiere video game currently in early development stages, the story of Ephemeral Apotheosis follows Shiho and his dearest two friends in their struggle to hold their grip on humanity on their isolated planet. Xan is a planet rich in resources, with two melding country-ancestors: Germany and Japan. Fortune dominates the planet's future, and the stakes are ever high.

Featuring the voice talents of:
Cullen Bentley (Shiho Frieden)
Chris Marshall (Dairi Keller)
Katherine Davey (Miji Frieden)
Jason R. Wallace (Sera Yakuzai)
Jamie Norwood (Jouyouheki Hanchou and Johann Schwarz)
Ryan Reid (Sebastian)

Season of early arrival: Summer 2012
Year of Complete Collection: 2013