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Thread: Practicing-how best to?

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    Practicing-how best to?

    Okay so I have a question for those wiser than myself. I have found that directly copying (not tracing-copying by hand/eye) results in my drawing of far superior drawings than when I draw straight out of my imagination. Probably because I don't have a perfect vision in my head of what I want my character to look like. But for regular practice, given that I use the same techniques (first draw stickman, then flesh it out etc.) do you think it's better that one practices by copying or by drawing characters out of ones head?


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    How are you? You can do both. I learn by seeing and once you star to trace you start to learn. But i advise you to start learning how to them yourselves. Check out my site. I teach on drawing. The site has step-by-step tutorials even on anime and manga. I think it will prove to be very helpful. If you have any other questions just ask.

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    Copying a drawing is easier because it's all there already, because as you say, drawing from your imagination - you don't always have a concrete image of what you envisioned. Hands down, you're always better off drawing from your own imagination. Even if you do not have a clear image, it's better because you will learn drawing faster that way. (And that's what drafts are for anyways!) You will not be bound by what you see, what set poses you have learned, and what subjects you have copy-drawn. You will have more freedom to lay things out as you see fit. To make characters as you wish. To do as you want and how you want it. Copy-drawing is like a springboard but drawing from your own imagination is the water you jump into. You may only ever wade in the shallow waters but if you practice and keep at it, you can go so much farther if you draw from your imagination.

    Anyways, here's my experience transitioning from copy-drawing to drawing on your own: Your drawings are going to suck for a bit and will most likely look like the characters you've been copy-drawing. But that's okay. Don't worry about it. It's normal. What matters is that you find your own style, learn from your mistakes and keep improving. Once you've started drawing from your own imagination, there's really no going back to copy drawing.

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    A lot if it depends on your motivation. If you just copy a drawing once to make a nice picture, it's likely you won't learn much. Like the drawing masters who do life studies, what you need to do to get any benefit from the activity is to try and learn the rules behind the drawing and build up a mental library of techniques you can independently use. It all boils down to what you've learned after you've finished.

    Bear with me a sec, because the last thing I want to do is act pretentious - but in my limited experience, when I do copy a drawing, I do it at least twice from reference, and then once without to check my own memory. Finally, I draw the same character or figure in a completely different pose without reference to test myself if I've learned how to apply what I worked on. At least for me, this activity cements the information in my head and also builds confidence.
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    Just like this Twin doggie here ^

    Yes you can improve on copy, but once you copy it you should try it without copying and just do the exact same thing just using your imagination, then compare.

    like reviewing something in school, first you copy what's on the blackboard/whiteboard then you review the notes in home to prepare for the test tomorrow.

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    Copying other works is the best practice. . .though you know how to do it all . .coz you already read every g**damn book out there on how to draw. .you still got i one question in mind . .can you do it? . . .I have studied drawing myself and one of the problems that i have encountered is that i don't have an instructor! (shit. . .its hard. .o.O) . .if you're like me and many of my fellow artists out there. .you really need professional pieces to start with. . these works are the ones you need to copy. . to prove that what you have read/learned are true. . .and for you to get the idea of how it is done. .one of the most important point that i learned here in MT (yeah the tutorials) . .is that first. .you need to copy characters (to get the hang of drawing the body). . second you need to make your own poses using that character (this means you already know your anatomy). .and third is to make your own characters (Yay. .you did it!) . .if done right, you will definitely get better. . .most of all. . .always practice^^ . . .like i always say. .drawing is not an exclusive talent. .though being gifted in this field of art. .one can only have a better starting point. . .at the end of the day. .those who practiced more and persevered will always succeed. .(teary eyed. .LOL)

    hope this helped^^

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    hmm.. .i think copying is for practicing... while drawing what in your mind is improving your imagination...


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