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Thread: The Obituary

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    What ams for does we haves these for lives the wholes lifes?
    Damn! Shit! Hell! Whaaaaat!

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    Whenever I try to make a tutorial, I get OCD halfway and decide that it's crappy and drop it D:
    My coloring method is really simple. Just a layer for every color I usually take a few colors so that I don't end up with a lot of layers.
    1. Choose a part (for example: skin)
    2. SELECT ALL of the skin parts and FILL it in with a base color
    3. OPACITY LOCK (or whatever it is called in the program you use) then SHADE with 2-3 different colors varying in hue, saturation, luminance
    4. Add a Layer on top and LAYER CLIP it if I don't want to risk messing up shading a layer with highlights
    5. I mix hard shade and soft shade: I use PEN in sai set to hard edge to shade everything, then I blot it all over with WATER in hard edge or AIRBRUSH also in hard edge (so essentially I simulate a soft shade by blotting hard color boundaries a lot of times with water or airbrush)
    6. If I dislike the color I chose: adjust colors simply by changing the layer's hue/contrast/saturation/depth/brightness or by adding a layer on top of it set to multiply/screen/overlay/luminosity/dodge/burn depends what looks better and make my adjustments on that layer, I try them all out individually until I arrive at something that looks decent enough

    My method of choosing colors...
    • base color (relatively high luminance [not maximum])
    • shadow (low luminance low saturation)
    • highlight (high luminance, lower or higher saturation [depends which looks better], sometimes a different hue), this is the color I usually omit with clothing. I usually use highlights only with skin, hair and metallic objects that should shine

    I stare at my favorite artist's works and try to figure out how they apply the colors in their works and check their color choices so I get an idea for choosing my own palette


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    What ams for does we haves these for lives the wholes lifes?
    Excellente coloring!

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    in your heart
    Thanks OC Your the best!

    So what program do you use?

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    Paint Tool Sai

    Posting this here for crits (specifically on her design and the template I'm using [informative enough as far as visuals go?], I'm aware that her legs are rather awkward to look at, or maybe that's just me? I don't like drawing full bodies afterall orz; does the flame effect look convincing to you? How about the blood splatters?)

    Saimoe Entry #1
    Name: Ixora
    Age: ?? (appears to be 17)
    Likes: Gardening, Ixora plants, Cleaning...keeping things neat and orderly, Kyoshka, Peace, Friendship, Serving a Master
    Dislikes: Conflict, Mess, Garbage and anything unsightly or filthy, Rodents, Vermin, Being betrayed (causes psychotic reaction leading to yandere mode)
    Short Bio:
    Ixora is a floral geist communed with Ixora plants. She manifests her geist powers as fire which condenses to form explosive Ixora flowers however she prefers fighting using punches and kicks to avoid destroying the environment. She is an optimistic person with little troubles in life however these troubles, simple as they may be, are met with exaggerated responses from her ending, usually, with herself getting harmed or her house destroyed.
    Assigned to watch over a secluded woodland, Ixora lived in a small hut she constructed and was kept company by plant and animal inhabitants of the woods. Peace reigned over the woodlands under her care until the tranquility was finally broken by a delinquent ninja who goes by the name, Kyoshka. They fought each other over a misunderstanding but it was Ixora who emerged victorious. Ixora offers Kyoshka friendship and a place to stay and hears of outside matters from the renegade ninja. Hearing of a large scale war that would erupt near the borders of her domain, Ixora goes on a preemptive to direct the clash somewhere else.

    I do hope you guys like the yandere pic :P
    Yandere = moe in the wrong direction = win
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    Somewhere you currently are not.

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    I've always been a yandere fan myself. As far as critique goes--her angry/fierce emotion doesn't look so much angry as just stern or determined. Moe expressions are usually pretty mild, but Ixora's a yandere. She's capable of getting mad, right?

    Rena is a decent example. I've always found it hard to make a character look angry with her pupils adorably filling up her eyes. They always get that determined/stern look. I've found that making the pupil/iris smaller works well, especially if you can see the lines the muscles create when pulling harsh expressions.

    Of course, if all of her normal expressions are supposed to be fairly mild, then what you did is perfectly fine and I'm at a loss again. Nice entry, as usual.

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    You got it right. She's not the type to get insanely angry like Rena or most other yandere that's why she's not a real yandere, but is only inclined to that side of the spectrum She's happy most of the time anyway Dx

    I plan to use that type of expression you brought up on other characters of mine who are real yandere though. Hopefully I get the time to actually draw them

    Make yandere characters matt, you have to, or else! *^*


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