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Thread: The Obituary

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    The Obituary

    I'm too lazy to transfer pictures so please just go view them over my deviantart account orz
    But please post your comments and crits here

    Just visiting here to gather opinion

    If you look at my stuff, you'd notice that...
    -I'm currently experimenting with backgrounds
    -I'm drawing stuff I would not naturally draw (because they are commissions)
    -I'm drawing clothing styles not of my usual style (again, because they are commissions)
    -these are pretty old pictures (summer of this year); newer pictures I've done are not for uploading yet

    I already know that I suck with backgrounds :P
    Note that I don't actually follow proportions and stuff (I don't use guidelines) and mostly draw in characters with visual appeal in mind more than logic D:...I honestly believe that gives the stuff some bit of personality in them plus it makes things look more like anime (simplified and all)

    Currently working on this Shana fanart *^*
    30% actual size, I recall some people appreciate seeing linearts of images that would end up colored. Seeing-the-progression kind of thing perhaps
    Posting this here because I have yet to post this in deviantart when I finish coloring it so you won't see this one in my DA.

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    WEEE! so you are the Legendary crow i heard about! Pretty nice! Id say that the head is just a pinch bigger then i think it should be. Other then that, its great.
    Quote Originally Posted by GunZet View Post
    Mmm, yes, considering he's Serbian, he might.... overwork the ladies. Don't need that.

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    It's Moe so duh, ofcourse the head would go big, I don't think it's big enough to be weird.

    I'm trying to remember that name, then it just hit me that it's the name of the guy who drew those awesome arts on saimoe!
    It's a pleasure to meet one of the legendary moe artist of MT. *bows*

    for the crit
    elbow should go a little bit lower on her right arm, (or not) depends on the pose you want to achieve.
    and head is misplaced one or two pixel to the left (If my theory is correct that's what probably made the illusion Ged saw)
    either that or just rotate the angle of the head a little bit.

    I can't believe your someone who doesn't use guidelines as well! Damn your awesome!

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    Foolish students; how dare you lecture Master Crow on her art skills! Kowtow before she defeats you in three moves with her Auspicious Shining Pen technique!

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    Preparing the laser beam, we're gonna use it tonight.
    Where the hell have you been, Crow? Jeez, leave us like that, ah well.
    I'll throw my two cents in on this while you're here.
    I like the overall anatomy of it, works in favor of the style.
    The hair looks great, and so do the clothes. (BUT) I'm inclined to agree on the head size.
    Even for moe (which I have no experience in whatsoever) it does seem a bit big in comparison to her body and neck. I only say this because everything else seems to keep a certain size, yet the head is the only exaggerated part.
    I know you've already got everything in place so you won't change anything, but I thought I'd just say that lol.

    Also one other thing I noticed is her left arm.
    It seems very shortened, and I see no signs of foreshortening taking place anywhere else. I only assume you drew the sword first, and then drew the arm to fit the position? that's just what it seems like.
    I only say that because once again, comparing, her left arm is small compared to her right arm which seems perfectly fine.
    This is small though, could be overlooked in the end actually.

    So far I'm digging it though, hope I offered something of use lol. Seeya around? Maybe you know...this year...

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    hmm.. now that I'm looking at it again I guess it's a bit big, it's because I'm portraying the circle size at my first glance of it and not the actual face of it.

    if we focus on the whole face I guess it is a bit too big.

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    I personally don't see that big of a problem with the head ... But the angle of the arm holding the Katana seems way off. It may be possible (cant tell because of obstructions) but it doesn't look natural.

    EDIT: I didn't see GunZ addressed the arm issue as well. >.>
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    Quote Originally Posted by Celestial-Fox View Post
    You're my favorite.

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    Wow. I'm sooo happy you are back. I know you don't remember me but, I just want to say that you and your art changed me as an artist back on old MT. You brought to light the importance of fluidity, and clean inking, to me along with many other things. I learned so much from you and I really hope you stick around this time :0 .
    Anyway as far as this pick goes: I think everyone is freaking out about the head because of the way you drew the hair. The actual "head" size isn't really that big, but, with the hair volume , it gives that illusion. I will agree that the arm on the left (her right arm) is at the wrong angle. The perspective would have worked if the arm on the right (her left arm) was bigger, and facing forward (almost in our face) and the same was done with the sword.

    P.S. pls pls pls stick around ;A;

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    It's true! You are back (uh...I accidentally called you a dude in a different thread...sorry.) I'm not good enough to critique your work, but I wanted to say welcome back!
    Updated 4/6/13: Please Critique

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue_Dragon View Post
    (uh...I accidentally called you a dude in a different thread...sorry.)
    Um, it's possible that I've been mistaken all this time, but I'm pretty sure Mr. OC is a guy. His profile kinda confirms it, so... I think you're good.

    Nice to have you back, OC. Also, I disagree with Nwap about the head. It's the head, not the hair. I mean, her head is the same size as her hips without the hair. However the neck looks fine to me, there's just a line of hair that makes the it look tiny, I think. Very nice line art.

    Edit: I just want to clarify that I am not saying the head is 'far too big'. If that's the style you're going for, cool, but if you're not, it's the head, not the hair.
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