I'm too lazy to transfer pictures so please just go view them over my deviantart account orz
But please post your comments and crits here

Just visiting here to gather opinion

If you look at my stuff, you'd notice that...
-I'm currently experimenting with backgrounds
-I'm drawing stuff I would not naturally draw (because they are commissions)
-I'm drawing clothing styles not of my usual style (again, because they are commissions)
-these are pretty old pictures (summer of this year); newer pictures I've done are not for uploading yet

I already know that I suck with backgrounds :P
Note that I don't actually follow proportions and stuff (I don't use guidelines) and mostly draw in characters with visual appeal in mind more than logic D:...I honestly believe that gives the stuff some bit of personality in them plus it makes things look more like anime (simplified and all)

Currently working on this Shana fanart *^*
30% actual size, I recall some people appreciate seeing linearts of images that would end up colored. Seeing-the-progression kind of thing perhaps
Posting this here because I have yet to post this in deviantart when I finish coloring it so you won't see this one in my DA.