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    Secret santa

    Right this is the actual thread for the secret santa i will post the rules
    What it is
    essentially everyone will post requests, i will include all of them in this post, after a week or two i will send everyone an email with the request they will be doing
    and even if it is the greatest piece of art you have done please dont post it anywhere that people on mt will find it
    sometime close to christmas (to be decided later to accommodate people going away for chirstmas) i will post a thread where everyone reveals there picture and says whos it is

    if you want to take part you merely post a request of what you would like
    -Dont make it too complicated not everyone taking part is going to have a tonne of time to draw something insane
    -try to be specific, if you can you could even post reference pics and ill include them in the original post
    -if you post in here YOU ARE TAKING PART dont post here and then later say you arnt doing it, obviously theres not much i can do to stop you, just dont

    by the way when i do send you the PM could you not start it straight away, purely because if anyone really does have a problem with their request i might be able to change them round but if there is a problem try to tell me ASAP

    if ive forgotten anything just say, although ive started it like 4 times now im not great at organising it >_> hence taylour doing it when i failed hard

    this is now closed for entry as im sending out PM's today

    you may ask questions regarding any of the requests in this forum and discuss them ONLY BEFORE I SEND OUT THE PMS this way people know more about the requests can offer opinions etc without people knowing whos they are doing just remember you could be doing any one of them
    except you know, your own, that would be dumb

    Bacon barbarian:I would like an anthropomorphic Angry Bird (don't care which one) beating up a pig (preferably with an apple in it's mouth). Uhh ... Yeah. >.>

    Sylux: Yo I want a picture of Commander Fucking-Shepard dude and chick form but über hot ( default shepard, n7 armor, no helmet, any femshep)

    Bya: I think i have an oke(maybe it is complicated..) request: Draw what you think my future husband/lover/boyfriend will look like. (I WILL HAVE ONE OKE, SO NO BLANK THINGS, And it will probably be male... D< And if you don't know me... doesn't matter, have fun thinking lol)

    corastaur:I would like something winter themed, I'm thinking a couple teenagers having an epic snowball fight

    Jubeh: I want a picture of this guy fighting MacArthur from Heaven. Just like swinging swords/tuna at each other.

    Jaidurn: Kamina and Simon from Gurren Lagann doing something really awesome and blood boiling.

    Gedeon:I would like if anyone who is doing this request draw how he thinks a Serbian looks!

    Blue_dragon: I'd like a picture with Chun Li and Tifa duking it out. Use your imagination (but no like, unattractive blood and guts. Partial nudity is okay, but no porn/hentai/yuri.)

    Next week:YES and I want a drawing of Edward Elric fighting a Shrimp...

    Yes... Ed... fighting a crustacean]

    mikuru:Ok I'll join in too ... Ummm But I'm not sure what to request...... Maybe you could just draw my OC Nyu doing something stupid xD.
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