Hi all, I figured this would be the best place to put it. (Are contests outside of mangatutorials allowed to be announced here?)

We just opened up a site for people who love to create manga. The site is like mangareader and mangafox, but instead of posting published professional manga, it is for people like you who like to tell your stories and express them through manga. I just opened this site up, but since there is no content, I figured a contest is a best way to promote and introduce to you all this community.

First Place wins $200 dollars
Second Place wins $50 dollars

rules can be found at: http://www.mytakoyaki.com/contest/

Basic rules just so everyone knows:


1. Manga Layout – Please make sure you use the standard manga sizes that we use here. and a Cover Page is required! Required Submission size is – 860(width)x1200(height)

2. Page Minimum – The manga must be at least 10 pages but no more than 50 pages. and

3. Theme – This must be a 100% original manga! And when we say original, it cannot be based off of any existing Manga. For example, you cannot submit a manga of your shinobi in the world based of Naruto and his characters. Other than that, this is an open theme contest. Any genre is welcome(except porn). not in 4koma setup.

4. Ratings - Please keep it PG 13. No over the top violence and blood or nudity.

5. Registration and Submission - Register your login and submit your manga, Add a new topic and post your manga link in the subforum Site Opening Contest Submissions and introduce your manga to everyone.

6. Read Layout - Any reading direction is fine. BUT please include in the description of your manga if this is a “Read – Right to Left” or “Read – Left to Right” so there won’t be any confusions.

7. Teaming Up - you may team up with others for this or submit as a group as long as you all agreed upon how to split the prize.

8. Artstyle - Color, B&W, grey scale is all accepted. Any medium is accepted. Any choice in style will not affect the judging or points.

9. Ownership - By joining this contest you agree that your manga is 100% yours, not published, and does not infringe or violate any third party rights including but not limited to the rights of copyright, trademark, privacy and publicity.

Thanks for your time!