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Thread: Hana-Kimi 2.0 Chapter 1 [...for the best]

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    oh, this is really impressive. The art is so, so clean, and I love it!

    ALSO. Hana-Kimi is amazinggg~ And so funny. XD <3

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    What a great style! I REALLY love the covers, and it's just very enjoyable to look at and read. Perhaps a little less text would make it look "nicer," but that's totally at your discretion since it doesn't really affect anything much.

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    Really enjoying the manga. Never seen the original, but if it is like this, I possibly will check it out.

    Speaking of which, I should get back to work on my story. Kind of slacking, but eh, I don't feel motivated right now. :/

    Anyways keep up the good work.


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