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Thread: Hana-Kimi 2.0 Chapter 1 [...for the best]

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    Hana-Kimi 2.0 Chapter 1 [...for the best]

    Romantic Comedy, Family

    Hana-Kimi2.0 is a fan made version of the Original Hana-Kimi Manga by Hisaya Nakajo and also a mixture of the Original live action drama TV series Hanazakari No Kimitachi E[Ikemen Paradise] produced by Fuji Television 2006. The story takes place after Ashiya Mizuki graduates from Osaka Gakuen. Hikari Kohaku, The daughter of a Japanese/English Yakuza Clan lord who lives in America one day comes across a picture of her long lost brother who ran away 7 years ago and decides to take him back home. However, it seems that Junpei goes to an all boys school[Osaka Gakuen] in Japan, so Hikari disguises herself as a boy in order to enroll in that school and meet him again. But things do not go as smoothly as she had planed as one miss hap after another takes her further away from her original goals.
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    LOL I can't believe I'm actually doing this. Back in high school after watching and reading Hana-Kimi, me and my friend decided to make a "2.0'' that was like around 2008. We did a few pages but then stopped because we got bored and we lacked allot of things so yeah xD. But just a few months back I suddenly remembered it so I continued xD. I remade all the old pages so that took sometime. Currently inking atm. It will be out soon but I can't promise the actually date OTL. Will update soon [hopefully with pages Dx].
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