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Thread: Kasey's Art n' Junk n' Stuff (Sketch Dump)

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    Kasey's Art n' Junk n' Stuff (Sketch Dump)

    Been back for a while now and actually had to think on if I wanted a critique thread or not. Part of me kept saying meh, whatever and the other part kept saying that I probably need it so here we are. Besides good critique never hurt anyone and hell it's always nice to get good advice and get better :3

    SPOILER! :

    A little something I doodled in the GB and which I would like some more input on. I notice a few things that are off or weird looking but I would like to know what you guys think.

    SPOILER! :

    This was painted in. . . August? I think.

    SPOILER! :

    This is one of the newer things I'm working on. It's a trade for someone on another site and currently pending approval before I move on to color it. Character belongs to the client. You guys catching any blaring mistakes?
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