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Thread: Gaddafi is Dead

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    Well, he had every chance to start becoming a properly decent ruler. That spineless bastard Tony Blair even forgot about the whole "selling weapons to the IRA in the 80s" thing...

    The problem was, the guy was just a jerk. A macho dumbass with alot of money and alot of people's lives in his hands, basically doing everything that a 4channer brags that they'd do with a country. That was sort of his charm in itself, admittedly, but yeah. Keep in mind what Dubai has been accomplishing in the past few years, in comparison.

    I don't really think our reasons for going in there were totally just, but at least this isn't another Iraq or Afghanistan. At least the country still has control of it's own oil.

    So, eh.

    I just hope they are going to melt those balls of steel down for something useful. :p
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