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Thread: Peteman's art thread.

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    Red face Peteman's art thread.

    So Hello everyone I'm Peteman and I'm new. I hope to well ...get some art critiqued and in return, though I don't think I'm much of a judge I will try help others in return. I've been 'doodling' for some years now, though this would be short boughts of inspired drawing followed by not much for long periods of time. I on one to use this to get regular drawing done, mayby once a week (though real life may get in the way) so that I may work up to being confident/fast enough to do a regular webcomic series on one of the many story ideas that have been swimming around in my head for a very long time.

    Also even though this is a 'manga' forum I admit my style isn't exactly manga style as I've found that this, for me, limits how I draw my characters. They are still manga-ish though.

    So this first one is the first time I've done extensive digital colouring, mostly done via tutorials and a little eperimentation. I've done single areas of one colour before but nothing quiet like this.

    Firstly is it normal that doing the whole process of digitaly 'inking' it and colour with many mutliple layers took freakin' ages? Alternatively any tips on speading the process up?

    Secondly, this may be due to having a very cheap, non-pressure sensitive and small tablet, but even though she looks alright zoomed out; if you zoomed in you'd see the lines are horribly wobbly from trying to draw over my sketch lines with the table pen. Again as I don't have much experiance in this, is this normal? Any tips for improving that?

    Plus critique/tips on how I can improve on the drawing in general would be nice.



    P.S I've just read the posting rules again, sorry about the 'general' topic thread, I'd change it if I could.
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