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    To Gedeon: Personaly not many. But in my experiance young people who are raised in a Christian family with a Christan circle of friends tend to turn away once they get to univerisity. For the first time they meet people who's opinions differ radically to thiers and drop them in order to fit in etc. Which I think is sad, Christianity was (originally) never about giving people little comfort bubbles. Also I think it's possible to tell when someone is genuine or not. Given that this is the cynical asshole thread it's about time i said something cynical. I mean what's up with those people? Stop being such ****** sheep! If your gonna go for it, make up your own mind! Don't do it because all your friends are doing it.

    To Delphinious: Sorry for 'pulling rank' that was not my intention.

    Quote Originally Posted by Delphinus View Post
    Reality, on the other hand, doesn't change just because you believe it has. That's the definition of it.
    I'm not so sure. Could it not be possible that if a person believes something that reality changes for that person? For example the placebo effect? Or alternatively if someone really believed the sky was green for them the sky might well be green? People with 'mental diseases' may very well have a different view of reality which explains the way they behave. I'm no longer arguing a point now I'm curious.

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