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Thread: The Critique Boutique

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    The Critique Boutique

    I was browsing the forums, and I realized that this site needs something. It was missing a little thing that would help clean up and unclog the place.

    Basically, this thread is for posting a single WIP picture that you need help and assitance on. Maybe the arms look a little off, the posture's all wrong or you just can't get the eyes level.

    This thread is where you can get quick, easy help without going through the hassle of making and updating your own thread.

    Have fun, guys.

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    I call it many names. The two that seem to be most accurate tho are "Hell" and "Work".
    That's actually what our art threads are for "posting wips we need help with". Everyone gets their own because to post them all in a single thread would be like throwing them away (they will get lost and it'd be super hard to find a post thats responding to it). As it says below the critique corner link of the forum "do not post here just to show off" which only leaves room for unfinished pieces and wips you need help on (finished pieces should go on your gallery in the main site).


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