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Thread: The Art Courtesy Thread (Pulled From The Old MT)

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    The Art Courtesy Thread (Pulled From The Old MT)

    I am not the original author of this post but I feel that it is something that needs to be revived and stickied. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge, Rio* With that, here you are.


    (Original post by Resalan)

    Critique Tutorial
    Okay, a critique is something where people tell you what’s good and bad with your art. They’re meant to help you, not insult you, so chill. They’re a good thing to have, and the better the critique, the more one will improve!

    Okay, as an art forum, it’s obvious that there is going to be art posted. People’s art! Art that needs to be seen and heard! Art that needs… Improvement.

    And we’re here to help you. Most of us, anyways. This thread is being made to help people with critiques: Giving and Receiving.

    Giving a Critique

    Be helpful! That’s the main point of a critique, kiddies. This can refer to two things: The good and the bad.
    Great: This is cute! I really like the character design and the color choices. The soft lighting really helps the atmosphere but I'm not sure how I feel about a few of those shadows. The way her legs are positioned seems a little awkward. Using reference pictures can help to correct this. Great work!
    Good feedback consists of things the artist did well along with things they could improve in the future.
    Good: It’s cute.
    I’m not saying that you can’t say this, but if you want to help the artist, it’d be real cool if you pointed out what about it you liked. You’ve got to be thinking more than that, right? And there has to be something about it you don’t like, right?
    Bad: It sucks.
    Okay, I really don’t want you saying this, and I bet the artist doesn’t either. It’s okay to think it, and maybe even say it if you know the artist won’t go kill themselves over it, but say why it “sucks.” Point out what’s bad about it, and how to fix it. You don’t want to keep looking at art that sucks, do you? Well, neither do I! So help the artist out and say what’s wrong with the picture.

    Don’t judge just by your way of doing things. Just because you do something one way, doesn’t mean everyone else in the world has to. There are different styles (but don’t confuse style for error), so try to critique in a general format. There’s not just one way to do things, so get out of your bubble, ‘kay?

    “It’s better than what I can do.” Sorry, that’s not a critique. Just saying that is not going to help anyone, and it actually sounds kind of rude.

    Actually give critique. Come on, it couldn’t hurt. A lot of people here want to improve, and what you have to say could really help them. Don’t be embarrassed or shy, we want to hear from you!

    Receiving a Critique

    Have thick skin. Seriously, there have been too many times where someone who has received a critique has gotten all defensive over what people have said. If you can’t take a crit, get out of the kitchen. Okay, that didn’t make the most sense. But seriously, if you can’t deal with what other people say about your art, you probably shouldn’t be posting it up on the internet.

    If you’re going to argue, you better be sure you’re right. I say this because usually when people critique something, they know what they’re talking about. If you’re going to argue with them, you better be sure as hell that what you’re saying is right. Don’t just say it’s “style,” don’t blame it on other things. Why? ‘Cause chances are it’s YOU. Not any other element you want to throw in there to save yourself. Listen and learn.

    Be courteous. Really, I can’t stress this enough. Thank people for giving you a crit, they deserve it for taking time out of their busy schedule (haha, yeah right) to help you improve. A little thank you wouldn’t hurt.

    Show that you’re learning. When people critique you on something, try to apply it to your next piece of art. Show them that you really were listening to them. I always adore people that listen to the crits given to them.

    Don’t be a critique glutton. Don’t just post and expect everyone to comment on your work, go out and comment/critique (c&c) on others work and maybe they will do the same for you. It’s like an eye for an eye but nicer.

    You’re not here to show off. Don’t just post your art here to show off because you think you’re “perfect” or something. ‘Cause you’re not. If you post art, expect that someone will critique it. No piece of art is perfect.


    (Original post by Masa)

    Art Thieves Tutorial
    There have been countless numbers of art thieves out there in the world. I made this guide to help you guys protecting yourself from getting your art steal by art thieves. >o

    What are art thieves?

    Art thieves are those people who steal your artworks and claim that it's their. Some of the really nasty ones would sell your art works in forms such as notebooks, t-shirt, etc. They are indeed very nasty people. They know what they are doing is wrong and yet doesn't care.

    However, if you happened to see your art work being post on another website, forum, such as. Don't go nuts, stay clam. What you should always do first is to make sure if this person is an art thieves or not. To make sure you should:

    - See if they claim YOUR art work to be THEIR
    - See if they are trying to sell your stuff in anyway

    How to handle art thieves?

    Ok, so now you check everything to make sure and turn out that, that person isn't an art thieves. This person just happened to post your art work there without permission. But what's this? You don't like that at all! D: An easy way to handle this is:

    - If you somehow privately send a message to that person, do so. If you can't tell the forum's mod or anything like that. Politely tell them to remove it if you don't like having your art works posting up somewhere else. Or if you don't mind, tell them that to give you the credits. If you not being an ass, they would most likely to do what you asked them to do.

    Now, what is le this?! D: A real art thief! Le gasp! D:

    However, stay clam, don't go nuts and start to yell at them. That's just not cool. Here are a list of what you can do.

    You find your stolen art on a forum:
    - Send that person PM if you can. Politely tell them to remove it and tell them why. If there is no way to send that person PM or that person just won't listen to you. Tell that forum's admin or mod to take care of it.

    You find your stolen art on DeviantArt or any other art gallery site:
    - Send that person a note if you can. Politely tell them to remove it and tell them why. (Again. =o=) If there is no way to send that person a note or that person just won't listen to you. Tell that forum's admin or mod to take care of it.

    You find your stolen art on personal website or blog (Such as fansite, Myspace, Livejournal):
    - Once again, send that person an email or privately send a message. Politely tell them to remove it and tell them why. If this doesn't work tell either, tell the websever that they are using.

    Someone or a company is selling your artworks without permission:
    This is a really hard one. Especially if that person or a company happened to be from another country. However, there is still a way to take care of this. However, a simple little email won't work on them. The only way that is going to work is the sue them.

    - Find out that person's name or company's name and location.
    - Find as much as evidence as you can.
    - Find a good laywer to help you with this.
    - Hope that you would win. >.<;

    Hopefully, this won't happen to any of you guys. Mika wish you guys good luck!

    How to protect your art works?

    The simplest thing you can do is to never post your artworks online. D: However, you wouldn't like that. What you can do is to "watermark" everyone of your artworks.

    Watermark? What's that? D:

    This is le watermark:

    It's basically when you lightly write your name or website over your artworks like so. This can help you prevent artworks from being stealing by art thieves.

    My artworks sucks. No one in the right mind would steal them. D:

    It's fine if you think that way. However, I recommend you to watermark your artworks or write your name on it somewhere. It's always better to protect yourself from art thieves.

    Target Artworks

    Here are the list of artworks that have high risk of being steal by art thieves.

    - CGed Artworks
    - High Quality Artworks
    - Artworks that doesn't have watermark on them
    - Original Artwork (Companies are targeting this kind of artworks)
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