So yea. I just got a thing for shoes, I'm almost sure others do too. So basically, post what you got, what you want, what you're eyeing up but can't decide on.
What type you like, brands, look, etc. All that crap.

I gots these.

Adio Amps Blue/Gum colorway w/ white strings *except mine are all suede, and the area around the logo is nubuck*

I haven't worn em outside yet lol.

Adio Joey Brezinsky pro models orange/brown colorway w/ turqoise strings

*skating these now*

Vans AV Era 1.5 - Anthony Van Engelin black/gray colorway w/ white strings

*I've skated the hell outta these so they're semi retired*

eS Square Two black/gray colorway w/ red strings

Vans Chukka Low - Chima Ferguson Navy/white colorway w/ light blue strings

Those are just ones I have right now. But I really wanna get some Stefan Janoski Nike SB's. The last pair of SB's I had were amazing, but I got those for free, and Janoski's are like...100 bucks, fuckthat.