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Thread: Allen Blitz art (nudity present and will always be present)

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    Maybe a not so obvious tip: try not to push down so hard on your pencil when drawing. The harder you press ,the bolder the line, and the more rigid and stiff your picture will look. keep a slightly loose grip on the pencil, and try and make long smooth light strokes. Odds are you are going to mess up and have to erase when sketching,but, if the lines are light,smooth and under control, they will be much easier to erase and wont leave your sketch looking (overly) messy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperKasey View Post
    BTW I dig the eyeballs in her shoulders and the teeth in her stomach O.O
    Now all she needs is another, more ball-chompingly dangerous set, and we're all set.

    Alternatively: Allen_Blitz, or Alien... Bits. Eh? Eh?!
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    SPOILER! :

    the female breast is extremely hard to draw. Tell me if im being paranoid but the hands, wings and eyes seem off.
    oh and i usually draw lightly, my erasers suck though T.T
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    They're, uh, all off.
    If nothing else, the wings look completely 2d - that is, they're on a completely flat plane, while one shoulder is closer to us than the other. Basically, it's... Off.
    Fingers don't work that way, and the forearms are much too long. The eyes on her shoulders look flat. Unless they're tattoos, they should be 3d. They dip in, if nothing else.

    And yes, breasts are difficult to draw. Practice practice practice. Use naked models off the internet or convince your girlfriend to let you draw her topless.
    Or... I don't know. Just get your girlfriend to pose that way, take a picture, and there. You're set.

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    Well i think that the breasts part is good, but im more concerned with the lack of curvature of the lower torso part. Id say (personal preference so you don't have to take it seriously) more hips.
    Quote Originally Posted by GunZet View Post
    Mmm, yes, considering he's Serbian, he might.... overwork the ladies. Don't need that.

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    I have arts that i did on pixel lovely ready for critique
    this one i did a few days ago:
    SPOILER! :

    today after mah field trip:
    SPOILER! :

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    Your drawings seem quite 'sketchy,' I think it may look better if you first draw lightly with a harder pen say '2H' and then go over your lines with a softer pen to darken them. This may help lose the roughness.


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