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Thread: Psalm 14: Who was Jesus' grandpa?

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    We have all heard religious people look to science in a facile attempt to prove their particular creator, the most common one being the Big Bang. Although many religious people reject the Big Bang theory, the ones who do not reject it see it as proof for their position because 'the universe had a beginning'. Ignoring the obvious fallacy here, they then jump to the wild conclusion that if the universe had a beginning then it must have had a beginner. How do they justify this wild claim? By arguing that the precision of the Big Bang was too precise to come about by chance. At this point it is only a matter of time before they misquote Stephan Hawking. They say: 'If the rate of expantion, one second after the Big Bang, had been smaller in one part in a hundred thousand, million, million, the universe would have recollapsed before it ever reached its present size.' They may also bring up arguments about how perfectly the electromagnetic force constant is to the gravitational constant, and if the electromagnetic force constant was stronger by 1 part in 40 million, or whatever, then the force of gravity wouldn't be strong enough to form stars and planets.
    It's worth noting that if conditions hadn't been correct for human life to emerge, then we wouldn't be asking about how improbable and impossible it was for it to happen. There's an irony here, and it's that this is the only universe we can see. It's impossible to tell whether there've been other universes without humans or whether there are other universes without humans. Arguing about it is basically the same as saying "but i never win the lottery so how come someone wins it every week"
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