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Thread: Psalm 14: Who was Jesus' grandpa?

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    Sorry to interrupt you guys, you can continue, but I'm replying to Kodos.

    So lets say we do eliminate religion from the world, since it's useless anyway. Now, if these billions of evil Christians were irrational enough to believe in religion, I feel like they're still going to be irrational enough to adopt other stupid and dangerous philosophies. Although truly evil people must take some blame for swaying others to evil, they only ever succeed when people blindly follow them.

    For clarity's sake, I'm going to directly state my argument: the blame for the evil of religions, much like the evil of governments or businesses, lies more with the individuals and the portion of the general populace who blindly and/or illogically believes what they proclaim, than the instituion itself.


    Except the fact is that it's still an eternal punishment that God allows to happen when he could easily prevent it. As long as God is omnipotent and omniscient you are confronted with the undeniable fact that anything that happens anywhere, at any time, is happening with his direct approval
    I said this twice already in different words! It all leads back to: why would a perfect being create an imperfect world?
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