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Are you claiming, Kodos, that there is not a single sentence in the Bible that, taken out of context, is good?
I'm claiming that the Bible is overwhelmingly evil, contains enormously more evil passages than good passages, and that as such it is not and should never be seen as a valid guidebook on moral behavior. Furthermore the few good passages in the Bible contain instructions that can and have been deduced by members of other faiths, or no faiths. There is no need for the Bible.

A truly evil book would spawn only true evil.
No. Truly evil people can and have spawned good, and truly evil books can and have spawned good.

Yet how many religious orders have charity organizations?
Considering how many religious organizations exist, the money the make, and how little of that money goes towards actually helping people in need rather than simply indoctrinating them? Very few. And there are secular charities as well.

How can goodness be inspired, even if through incorrect or ignorant translation, by a book meant only for evil.
Hitler had some good ideas to. You are making an ad hominem argument of sorts.

Why would the writers, completely evil beings, include lines such as "love your neighbor as yourself" or "thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife?" if they were only trying to spawn evil?
Well even an evil person would desire to protect their property. "Do not covet your neighbors wife/goods" is something anyone who owns property would probably encourage. And it's easy to say things like "love your neighbor as yourself" while including instructions for stoning people to death.