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Thread: Psalm 14: Who was Jesus' grandpa?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kodos View Post
    Because there are people who take everything the Bible says seriously. Furthermore because there are over one billion people on this planet who call themselves Christian. They must acknowledge this book is not divinely inspired at all and instead the work of truly evil men or accept even passages as repugnant as that one. You can't have it both ways.
    Except the men weren't evil. The Bible was a product of the times. By todays standards they (the writers) may be evil, but I see your point. (And by that logic, it probably would be better to be married to the man (even if it is supposed to be the man's punishment which is ridiculous). You aren't going to get stoned to death (which I still haven't seen that you would be anywhere) and no one back then was going to marry an un-chaste girl, whether it was a product of rape or not. (And at the time, marriage was probably the best thing a woman could get.))

    Quote Originally Posted by zizi View Post
    To cause to lie down. The problematic words here are 'to cause'. That implies force; it does not imply consent. Also, quit cutting the phrase in half. The phrase is "lay hold on her, and lie with her". That means; "To cause to lie down, to have sex with her". This means rape.
    I was cuttin it in half becuase the "to lie with part" is obvious. The Hewbrew does make it obvious that it is talking about rape though (as opposed to the English translation).
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