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I was actually thinking that in the end, he would lose the physical battle, but win psycologically causing that leader to change the way the world works. Roshambo is MAIN ANTAGONIST!!! I feel like I didn't convey that enough, which is why Saiya made the reply that they did. Well maybe I did and I'm misunderstanding. I want to mix in some romance but don't exactly know how. Suggestions would be welcome, but ONLY suggestions, not well fleshed out ideas. I like developing stuff myself, and I don't feel like as much as a vulture. I'm wondering if it should be between Sodo and Akemi, or Yamatori and Akemi. Maybe I'll hit up that luv triangle. Of course, they have such an age difference. She will either be Sodo's age or Yamatori's age, whichever I decide will romance it up. Don't know just yet.
Sure, love triangles are fun, but you can always take it farther. Love square, love pentagon, love NONAGON!