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Thread: How to make a plot that is NOT cliche.?

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    How to make a plot that is NOT cliche.?

    This isn't completely for me, it's for a lot of people who write plot's that are too cliche. Cliche isn't always bad, only if it's too much like a certain anime/manga. I can give a few tips, like originality, and creativity, but those don't really count because MOST people know that. You can't just take a plot, like One Piece, and alter it a little bit, then call it your own. You can make one about pirates, and some amazing treasure, but honestly, people will know if it's like One Piece, cuz Eiichiro Oda is so weird. I need help to. My plot right now, which is in basic planning, is too much like Fairy Tale, as far as I'm concerned. But a lot of other people probably need help to. I'm also going to post my plot on this.
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