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    why am i here

    hi i don't know what you'd call me since i go by like 10 billion names. hell you can call me booger if you like, i really don't mind lolol

    i like drawing, dancing, and playing tennis even though i suck at all three rofl oh, i also admire warugaki (sk-ii), frzdragon, emosock, shino, kandanchi, masirosu, joodlez, tatsumichi, tanku/TANK, mynameismad, hiimdaisy/peachifruit/gigidigi and many others

    i dislike tumblr (and yet i have one, how ironic)

    anyways i might post some tutorials, idk if anybody would want to learn from me but who knows right perhaps there's someone out there worse than me, although i doubt it lolol

    if you really want to get to know me better, then pay a visit to my nabyn. i bite less there.
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