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    Relay Novel

    After reading Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukinai Chapter 16 I've come up with an Idea that we should make a Relay Novel as well.

    The Rule is simple, Were just making a simple story.
    One guy/girl will start a story and turn by turn members will make a continuation of it.

    Anyone wants to start?

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    It's worth a try. I attempted something similar (but not the same) a few months ago and it died fast, but if this works it will be quite cool!

    You can start since you made the thread, unless you're out of ideas.

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    Yeah, about that, I'm kinda thinking in Relay Novel the limit is one page, So I'm still wondering how should we put limit here.

    And yeah I would like it if it's not me who will start cause I like messing around with some other people story lol.

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    I say no limit. Okay I need a procrastination I'll start:

    She was entrusted with the source; the source of the hero's power. It was locked away while he was traveling the globe, learning about various cultures and forms of knowledge, developing new skills, trying to better himself in every way. He did not want the blessing and burden of his powers: incredible strength, speed, and precision which had allowed him, in previous days, to defeat entire armies. These powers, although impossible to defeat, were a crutch to him, for he relied on them to the point that the rest of his being was suffering. Thus, he decided, in this time of peace, to seal his powers in a glass jar (for enchanted glass was the only material which could hold such might), and explore the world as any other human does. The glass was entrusted to the daughter of the head spellmistress Lexica, the most powerful channeler in the hero's home village. The girl's name was Holly, and she was a meek but talented channeler who was preparing to take over her mother's role in the village. As a channeler, she had the responsibility to tap into the natural laws of the universe and bend them, ever so slightly, for the good of her villaige. To prove her trustworthiness and capability, she was tasked with protecting the glass which held the hero's power.

    But she broke it. The time of peace was quickly waning; new violence spread throughout the world. The hero, satisfied with his ventures, returned home. Holly was asked to prepare the glass for unsealing but, in a fit of nervousness, she dropped the glass onto the floor. It shattered with a piercing ring which echoed throughout the villiage, and released all of the hero's power. The next day the hero returned, to find that his powers had been lost. Spellmistress Lexica, ashamed and outraged with her daughter's failure, forced Holly to confess her wrongdoings to the hero in the public square. On her knees, with her head nearly buried in the ground in front of her, Holly admitted to her grave error. The hero hardly acknoledged her personal embarassment, and instead mourned the long, perilous journey he would now have to embark on to reclaim his powers from Cloud Nine, the physical link between man and the universe.

    Then a voice rose from the crowd; the chief elder of the villiage. He was quite fond of Holly, knew her potential and talent, and was saddened by her shame. He declared that, since Holly was the cause of this unfortunate incident, she should join the hero on his journey and aid him in reclaiming his powers. The hero, although reluctant, was even less eager to disobey the head elder, so he agreed without resistance. Holly, still in emotional turmoil, was both enthralled at a chance to reclaim her pride and terrified at the prospects of leaving her villiage for such an extended length of time, walking next to mighty hero whose power she had singlehandedly destroyed.

    And so, the hero and the channeler set out from their village towards the ever-dangerous world beyond.

    (Sorry about the plot/setting. I'm a sucker for fantasy)

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    (You didn't named the Hero, but I guess that's for me to decide now.)

    The hero noticed that she looks quite young to be traveling. She looked more like 15 years old so it might not be wrong for her to make that kind of mistake and not only that it might be dangerous for her to be traveling with him, Rather than helping she might come in as a burden.

    "I forgive you, don't worry too much about it. so you should just go home for now, It might be dangerous to be traveling with me"
    "No" Holly shouted. "I want to do this! This is all my fault!"
    "But wouldn't your friends and parents be worried?"
    "My friends and parents already hate me for what I've done, They blame me that the world is going to end because of me, every single one of them changed!" Holly said with a very sad voice

    The hero was really shocked at the moment that he she said that and pictured in his mind how the girl might be going through in that village, only then that he knew why the chief said that he should go with him.

    "My name is Lougi, Call me by that name" The hero said.

    Their Next destination is a village called Survia, It's a village where they can have a flight transportation.
    They would need a pet dragon to fly out in the Cloud Nine, The village floating in the sky.

    After arriving they searched and traveled around the City but it does seem that the dragons don't match what the hero want, "These dragons are far too small" he said, Then a girl suddenly appear with and said, "I have the biggest dragon in the City but it will cost you".

    She just a girl who only looks like 10 years old who has long blond hair and really pretty blue eyes and really cute chubby cheeks
    and she's wearing a dirty merchant clothes.

    "Ok show me" Lougi said

    Then she took the them in a very dirty place that looked really rusty, it doesn't look anything like a merchant place at all, Probably the reason why she doesn't look so healthy cause she doesn't eat much.

    "Don't you have any other people who live here" Holly said
    "My mom and dad was killed in the war, Putting that aside here is the dragon I'm talking about" as she opened a the door to a really big garage.

    They saw a really huge dragon as big as a small plane.

    "It's still far too small" Lougi said
    "Wait!? this is still too small for you? What kind of dragon do you need anyway? Gyosa?" The girl said with a ridiculous face
    "Gyosa?" Lougi said in and interested expression

    "Gyosa is a huge dragon that attack this village everyday, he doesn't destroy anyone but he screams a really loud voice and annoy us like he's looking for something."

    As she was saying this a loud scream of a dragon was herd through out the village. "yeah like that"
    As they come out they saw a really huge dragons bigger than a huge plane.

    "Now that's the dragon I'm talking about" Lougi said.
    "And if you tame him you can have him for free" The girl said with a smile
    "Not really, We still need to buy your dragon"
    "What? Why so?"
    "Because that's what this big guy is looking for" Lougi said as he waved his two arms in the dragon

    As the big dragon Gyosa landed he bowed down before Lougi, Everyone is shocked at the moment they saw the moment that even such a huge dragon bows down before him.

    "She said that it's alright for him to join us, But ofcourse she would need her daughter as well"
    "Wait you mean my dragon is her offspring?

    "Yup, Though that dragon doesn't want to part with you so that means you have to tag along with us to Cloud Nine" Lougi said with a smile.
    "Could you tell me your name?"

    "My name is Lea, Wait why do I have to join you? I'm sure it's alright for him to part with me if I just talk to him"

    "Welcome to the party Lea, Let's get going" Lougi said as he and Holly ride Gyosa. "I wouldn't be able to sleep if I just left you here in this situation all alone"
    "Your not listening to me! And don't you pity me!"

    Gyosa suddenly destroyed Lea's home by stepping on it and letting out her daughter, after that her daughter stepped near Lea.

    "Oh sorry about that, I guess I'm just gonna have to pay for that but I don't have money right now, that means you have to tag along with us"
    "You act like a kidnaper Lougi" Holly said
    "GAAAAHHHH!!! your gonna regret this Lougi!" Lea said as he rode the small dragon.

    And that's how the journey starts in the air with a loli member.

    Edit: btw, I summarized it so much, there should be a lot of happenings before he met the dragon and after he met it but I got bored lol. P.S. If no one reply in 7 days it goes back to your turn fenn
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