Hi, my friend stumbled onto this site and asked me if I was secretly running this behind his back, as I happen to have the same name as the one who made this site.
Well I obviously am not, but man this site looks awesome! So I joined :3

I'm a huge anime-geek and love to draw(mostly during classes), but other than that, I do karate, attend Japanese school every Saturday, and unicycle. Also, my imagination get's pretty weird, hence my current avatar o.0.

As far as anime goes, I watch a big variety of genres. My favorites can range from things like Galaxy Angels, to Kara no Kyoukai, to Toradora! and then just stuff for weirdos like Dokuro-chan or Sengoku Basara. I also really like slice-of-life, such as Ichigo Mashimaro *u*

Oh right, I'm also a sucker for buying manga, and have hoarded up way too much. Other things my wallet suffers from include but are not limited to: figures, games, cell-phone charms, character goods, posters, and cd's.

It's nice to be able to join, I'm lookin forward to using this site & meeting awesome new people!

Also random fact: I'm teaching myself Statistics from the "Manga Guide to Statistics," as my current Stats teacher is clearly less reliable than a comic. It actually works lol...