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Thread: Maxx Wellington's sketch book.. it ain't no diary so feel free to look

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    Hey so just a couple of things I noticed: the upper part of the arm at the top (the one reaching up) looks a bit too long. The way it is now, I think it will fall too close to the hip. I had the same issue and SuperKasey helped me out. If you use your own body as a reference the upper arm/elbow normally falls down by the end of the rib cage. So keep an eye on that.

    The head might be a bit too big, but its harder for me to tell without the whole body.

    This is more of a personal preference, but it might help you out. I'm looking at your skeleton and I noticed that the arms and legs start from the middle of the hip and upper body. I find it more helpful to start the arms and legs from the sides of the hips and upper body. In our bodies that's where they are placed anyway, and it might be helpful for placement/length to add in the joints for the shoulders/elbows/wrists/knees etc. You actually might be doing this already haha whatevs. Hope I helped. Looking forward to seeing the finished drawing!

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    Hey Corasaur.

    Yes, SuperKasey is awesome when it comes to helping. And I always have problems with arms and legs being too tall or too small. That`s why I posed it before I added skin and muscle...

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    D'aaawww you guys are sweet ;D

    I deffinitely agree with Corastaur about the arms being too long and the skull being too large. Grab a ref and check those proportions! Also, you have a ref for the truck too right?

    I'm noticing a few other things in this stage that will become more apparent as the piece becomes finished that you may want to fix. For one her pose looks quite stiff. I notice that when I lift the hood of my car (this happens more often than I'd like @.@) my spine curves a little bit more than hers and my butt kinda sticks out because I'm leaning forward but my body is trying to keep it's center of gravity lined up. Just a subtle curve will suffice, not too much because then she'll be lifting wrong.

    Mimicking this pose in a mirror I can see that you're also going to want to place her shoulders higher as well. That lifting arm ends up almost on the same plane as the jaw. Aaaaaand I noticed this in the mirror too and reminded myself of something. From the side male hips tend to be more straight the way I see your guidelines have been drawn. However the hips of a female will almost always dip forward. That's what gives us those nice curves and a perky butt ;D
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    Oh, SK, you just made my day!

    I am going to rant a bit here, but I hate being single without a model friend: I am a guy so I don`t know female anatomy that much and especially with Kim, it`s hard -if not impossible- to actually find a girl in that position. But when I ask my non-model friends, they seem to think I am this perverted guy who get`s his fancies with girls posing for him. I try to find clothing but it`s hard walking through a woman`s clothing shop -not anything like lasenza or anything- cause no one believes that I am just trying to get clothing referances.... Damn being single is hard.

    Although I thank you SK, you gave me enough info to try again. I will keep all the suggestions you and Corasaur gave and I will try to apply them to my art.

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    I understand your pain Maxx. My suggestion is to just go search the web for reference images. You can literally find an image of anything and even if you can't find the exact pose you want, I'm sure you can find something close. I use a couple sites just for general reference though.

    Posemaniacs - a good general use site for poses, the nice thing is that you can rotate to change views of a certain pose.
    Character Designs - Another great site with a variety of real life nude and clothed models. It's not porn so there's no shame in going and using it for reference.
    Mrjanum on Deviantart - More nude and costumed model pictures. He has a ton of great photos in very high quality. He also has some awesome slow motion videos of people doing various things like dances, martial arts, etc. that you can pause for reference.

    There's a ton more, just need to look around. There's really no shame in using reference, most professionals use it at all points in their careers. As you draw more from reference it becomes easier since you start to develop an understanding of the object that you're studying. At any rate, good luck. Hopefully you'll find something that can help.

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    Thanks Nisaren, I just used google....

    ok so off to draw I go.

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    Greetings Maxx and I do apologize for the late reply...
    Too much absorbing into my personal Manga online these days including the Malaysia Anime Convention this December...

    OK, I just received your message (when I wrote this message)...

    Alright, about Kim Ratchet (More like Ratchet and Clank style by the sound..) she have the characteristic of the feature and IF you do need to draw dimples and nose button, it will turn your arts in Caricature, a combination of cartoon and realism... BUT fear not, it is possible in Chibis and it requires a lot of experimental efforts, which you are the only one knows the tastes and the best expressions....

    Alright, here's my advice pertaining to the message also your art gallery...
    It's going to a long one:-

    Imagination - you must imagine everytime your character in your mind and everytime means everyday, every hour, minutes and second while you do your activities. This also can be enhanced by MP3 player or radio or computer songs while you do your work and activities....
    - This will enable you to visualize more frequently your characters and in 360 degrees along with your animations in your mind with your own variety of characters...The benefit will becoming excels in your time when you drawing since you have a solid imagination and image of your own characters....Try imagine for 2 or 3 days then work on it..It's working since I'm doing this daily without compromise...

    References - you must have an adequate resources of books and to tell you the truth, I don't have many books and references but I buy a number of books and keep reading it and study it until I have memorize what style and details that I want...after that, I keep doing this until I have become bored then buy a new one then it really means that you have a certain knowledge about the Manga and the style that you will implement in your next drawings....
    - This will enable you to have a vast knowledges about the recent style of Manga since it's infinite and have many varieties. You must equip yourself with knowledge first in what book or Manga or download files you just purchased....Set a number of resources you want to have then categorize it according to what you aiming in your drawings or arts...The review this resources until you have gone bored then purchased a new one after you have study and memorize the style, details and other things you want to know and study...This is my style so just follow your heart and mind in what you want....

    Songs - Now this is very important since this will enable you into frenzy mode in your drawings and art....When listening to a song remember that you need a vast amount of songs or music to really know the souls of your drawings...Example, when you listen to a J-Pop music, you must really imagine the cheerfulness, power, flow, beat and strength of the music, then while you listen to it...Automatically your hand will start moving on its own without you forcing it...then Walla, you've just sketching one of the amazing arts....
    - This will enable you to do variety of drawings according to the music and produce souls to your drawings. According to my research when I started drawing, the Manga artists forte is music that channels its strength to the artist to produces an art that excels the expectations of others to you....Try if you can while doing nothing or just wanted to draw in free time with MP3 player to your ears......Remember, apply this three tutorials first in everytime of your life since you will have to produce many arts before you will step into the top...

    When drawing, you MUST train yourself to make it like a routine to perform basics cleaning lines to coloring in proper order. I'll make a comparison, between the drawing that messy, and fast draw and the drawing that look clean and take time and consideration to make it. Of course, the messy and fast-drawn will eventually sacrifice the quality of the work with it's cleanliness, makes people think (in the terms of reality of working in studio etc.) you're lazy... the other one, clean & consideration shall make the viewer think you are careful, taking care of your works and hardworking to produce the best of the best.

    You can make fast one actually, not restrictions. But ask yourself and your confidence first, whether your skills are up to the challenge. As for me, slow and steady as it's the best route in drawing, I follow Leonardo Da Vinci methods when performs my drawing, taking my time, having fun and research slowly also earn experiences in many ways. The result is, my drawing itself as you see.

    P/S: Some people says, today they need it FAST, but sometimes do it slowly as Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Michaelangelo did their works for many years, and still famous and their work are admired for lifetime. The same goes for modern times, you just need to train the ways of oldtimers, before the computers were invented to produce the best quality. then, once it have become routine, then go for the digital and assimilates the way of old, train it again to become routine. The result of this discipline, you have a variety of ways to express your work and can handle many things when drawing.

    This is what many people lacks as of today (not all actually, ask yourself) where they need to do it in instant, where patience is not in their heart. For example, as the above in no.1 says, Discipline training also need your patience as it will nurtured you to become a calm yet quality artist. IF you just want to draw fast and to get many feedbacks without using the No.1, surely, you'll gain it for a short time not a very lasting one... Many wants their work to be everlasting before making anew one actually and patience in drawing to develop it is one of the key itself...

    Patience itself can make provide you not just in drawings but in life also to withstand the current tides of the world. When patience were instilled inside you, you'll never have to worried and can make accurate decision to perform your task even when something bothers you. As you see in many old ways, they withstand great hardship to make arts and they succeed even after they long gone. History of Arts tells us back on how they do it, the methods and the tips, ONLY it's up to you to merge it into today's world.

    Please do try the advice, IF all alternatives doesn't fit in.....You know where to find me X33 Hope it helps... (Thanks for reminding me, and quite a bit busy these days)

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    hey, Lordsyafiq: thanks for the long reply... I will take everything into consideration.

    Actually my drawing process starts out messy and ends up clean; ever since I went to school back in 2006.

    I will put the story into a spoiler to save time for everyone:
    SPOILER! :
    In 2006, I tried taking schooling for 2D animation. I had to leave for medical reasons. Anyways, I kept showing shawdy work and needed to learn to relax. So the teachers there forced me to draw sloppy. They refused to help me unless I had a few too many lines on my page. Ever since, I start my sketches with very light motion lines, and build from there in light, messy lines. This seems to work in giving life to my work and allowing me to think of the whole picture rather than the details of the knee. Then, when I am satisfied with the gyst of my character, I add a few basic clothing, like shirt dimentions and such, then I finish by adding dark, clean lines in which I can focus on just the leg, knowing it will turn out allright (as long as I haven`t screwed up the anatomy already. ^^

    However PAtience, faith and fun are the three foundations of art, and I forgot that. Thanks lordsyafiq, for reminding me of what`s important.

    Here are two more sketches I made so far:

    Kim, redrawn (Thanks to Nisaren`s refferance sites):
    SPOILER! :

    And I am working on a self portrait:
    SPOILER! :
    Just to let you know, I am supposed to be an art school student drawing on the fourth wall

    Known issues with Kim: HEr head and boobs look funny. her arms look funny. And I know her nose is way too big, I just do that to get a facial direction.

    Known issues with me: He`s cock eyed.

    Redlines are welcome!!

    Here is a ref of me, for those who would like to know/look at it for refferance.
    SPOILER! :
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    Wow! You're showing some great improvements with Ratchet! I really like how you've made her pose come alive! She's got a lot more motion, and you've drawn the whole body, which I like better than the previous sketch where she's cut off at the calves.

    In addition to the issues you pointed out with her, I might also suggest her neck be just slightly shorter (not much, just a little.) The calves are close, but not quite the same length (I like the pose, though.) I think you've got a really good start here! You've been showing quite a bit of improvement! Rock on!

    Oh, and the reason why her arms look "funny" is because the humerus is way longer than the ulna and radius. They should be roughly the same length, and that would help her out.

    On the second sketch--I love the mouse thing. Its really cool looking!

    Critique wise, I'd start with the arms again. Although it's in perspective, the humerus is not long enough. It should probably stick out a bit more from the body, or come straight now more (depending on where you want to hold your arm.) Hips could be a little wider and your calves a bit too short (in my opinion.)

    I think I'm gonna like the clothes when you're done-ties always remind me of Spike (from Cowboy Bebop--I'm sure you know it ) for some reason :P

    You're doing great! Keep it up man!
    Updated 4/6/13: Please Critique

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    Haha, I do well known you have medical problems from the way of the drawings... Drawings speak more than words and I do have a bit of experiences teaching students that have medical problems... To be honest, I'm a Chronic Schizophrenic with Premature Birth (7 Month) and yeah, I have similar situation where I couldn't do much and leave everything behind, including my chances to go to USA Florida for Graphic Design in Game & Animation (3D and 2D) based on my artworks (I passed "Excellent" my TOEFL last year)...

    BUT, instead I choose to dedicate myself to draw over the years and pass down this knowledge to everyone as I know this one shall help many in succeeding (although I mostly not online, BUT my drawings are the key for everyone). Mostly I'm a freelancer & tutor workshop with many difficulties in Malaysia, BUT what most importantly, we all have everyone that supports us and love us (including your fans)..."You happy, everything shall be A-OK" from a proverb in movies.... So, inspire yourself, make yourself comfortable, healthy and live the life to it's fullest, any obstacles that gets in the way, find the roots and take it out...It will be a cancer also haunts ya back later on in Life, and nobody wants that...

    There's always a solutions in any problems, just ask yourself, look around and find the path and routes of solutions including drawings... Think of our own Life as "The Da Vinci Code" in our own version.... You just need to find the combinations, key and solve the puzzle...

    OK, I believe it's enough of my Ojisan style ramblings....Too much of my lecture in workshop these days makes me says too many senseless things.... Not all of my methods people can agree on, choose which is the best for yourself and go for it X33
    Take care and I'll see you again, Laters~~ *Working*

    Haha, you're very handsome in the picture, here's mine to share with everyone:-


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