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Thread: Maxx Wellington's sketch book.. it ain't no diary so feel free to look

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    It's probably her lack of curves. If you want to draw a chibi that looks grown, you should observe the artwork for Puzzle Fighter games.

    Despite being a chibi, she is not entirely absent of her feminine curves.

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    ^ if you want her to look adult it has to be more adulted..................that sounds wrong.
    Quote Originally Posted by GunZet View Post
    Mmm, yes, considering he's Serbian, he might.... overwork the ladies. Don't need that.

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    Thanks guys, I was told to take out all the curves in the book... but I'll try again with adding the curves.
    does her clothes relate well though?

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    Ok, here is my next trial. I coloured it by hand.


    1. skin tone sucks... I was trying to get a Megan Fox natural tan....
    2. goggles seem cockeyed... just noticed suck.... I'm bad at feet
    4. Hands too....

    I'd love to year your opinions

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    She looks MUCH more adult now :3 Good job.

    I feel like the shape and planes of the face could use a little tweaking though. There isn't much separation between her jaw and her ear. It looks like they just kinda squish into each other. The nose is throwing the face off as well. Even with chibis some attention must be paid to proper human form. The fact that the base of her nose is level with the base of her eyes is going to be noted even by people with no art experience. Drop that puppy down a little.

    As for the goggles, it's not that they're lopsided it's just that they're not following the perspective of her skull. That right chibis obey the laws of perspective too @.@ If they're up on her head like that they won't appear to be facing us straight on. In this case they would be tilted back to rest on her crown.

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    You also forgot to to give the goggles straps. Breast shape is very bizarre, ears could use some work. Don't get discouraged, you just need more practice.

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    Thanks SuperKasey and Captain_Neko

    @SuperKasey: I realise that chibis follow perspective and such, I was honestly too consentrated in adding the curves. But I will work on what you mentionned

    @Captain_Neko:The reason I didn't put goggle straps is cause of how big they look on her head. As for the boobs, it's hard to make nice ones behind overalls. I checked and normally they are smack behind the bib....

    Any tips on colouring skintones? I want something between Megan Fox in transformers and Minka Kelly at the end of Charlie's angels (episode:Angel with a broken wing)

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    You're using colored pencils right? What does your color selection look like?

    It's possible to get a good skin tone out of just the proper layering of the primary colors albeit difficult as hell. When doing it this way usually I will lay down a very VERY light layer of pink and then go over that with an equally light layer of yellow. You will inevitably reach the orange spectrum which is where the blue come in. But you have to be careful because too much blue will ruin your skin tone. If you have a brown or tan color I would utilize that along with your reds and yellows as needed and then use your blues and purples for shadowed areas.

    Get a sheet of paper and practice with this technique a little bit before using it on any projects

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    I have a bunch of pencils. I have light and bright orange, peach (generic white skin tone), pink, magenta, two reds, a darker red, almost burgandy, alight brown, that I used on the outside of her goggles, a darker brown used on her shoes, a golden yellow used in her gloves... I mixed the peach (base), light brown, and lighter orange to blend it. It looked good but when I put it on her face, it turned out like that. I also used the darker orange to add shadows.

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    What do you guys think about my choice for her clothing? hot or not?


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