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Thread: Maxx Wellington's sketch book.. it ain't no diary so feel free to look

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    Post Maxx Wellington's sketch book.. it ain't no diary so feel free to look

    So here's the background story on Kim. I had my car broken into for the second time just when I was thinking of possibly getting some detailing done to it. That lead me to wonder what's the point into having a car if you are only going to invite people to rob from it. In return, that lead me to the thought of adding more security to my car as well as wondering how fancy cars stay fancy... In some way that lead to KITT.....and Hatsuna Miku

    Anyways, Kim was born out of that thought process. She is a model/mechanic that I wanted to create, build up and install in my vehicle. Rather she is the vehicle. But part of her is the persona. KIM stands for Kinetic Intergrated Machine, just like KITT stands for Knight Industries Two (later Three) Thousand. Her persona is Kim Ratchet, a mechanic girl/ model who controls my car. I was thinking of writing a comic about her as Kim Ratchet: owner of Ratchet Motors, a small mechanic shop she bought with her modeling money... but I need more of a story line... Anyways, I wanted to start a thread to introduce her and get help designing her.

    This is what I have so far:
    She is going to be modeled as a 20-23 year old.
    She will be in chibi form in my car however she will have a picture full size
    She will wear a t-shirt (colour or color undecided)
    She will wear special overalls that fit like daisy dukes... maybe rolled up...
    She will have on work boots and gloves
    Her hair will be pinned up yet she will take it down when partying
    Her signature thing will be her goggles that she wears on her head when not in party mode (aka in her dress)
    She will have a Kim tall two sided wrench with her no matter if she is chibi size or normal size.
    She will be tanned with slightly lighter dimples

    This is a headshot I did while trying to draw her first chibi pic... I took the liberty of tracing and redrawing her in microsoft paint as my computer is broken and I wanted to test out hair colours....


    What do you think?
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