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    Strong One (my manga idea)

    It's more of an idea than a project at the moment, since I don't have an artist or anything... I wanted to learn, but it was too hard, and I have studies to worry about...

    ANYWAY. Enough about that. I guess I'll just try to put up a short description?

    Strong One is basically a fantasy style manga, mixing medieval past and present together (for instance, they wear armor, have forges etc, don't have cars or planes, but they have things like normal stopwatches and small gadgets and stuff.) It's about a 13-year-old boy who is 'cursed' with a dark power - the ability to consume the powers, skills and souls of others with a mouth on his newly deformed right hand - and loses his mentor and guardian to a powerful, berserk evil being, the Embodiment of Darkness, and vows to defeat her and avenge his master, as well as save the rest of humanity from this fate. As the story progresses, he gains four 'party members,' two girls and two guys, as well as Dark powers, or 'Death Arts.' The world in the manga is also filled with 'Darklings,' creations of the Embodiment of Darkness, and the physical manifestations of the evils in the world - basically, everything in the world is said to be made of light and darkness.

    Quick background info: the main character is a master swordsman, as his mentor was the world's best swordsman, the 'Tragic Blade' (with his own backstory, but that isn't important just now); the party members are a 12-year-old female elemental sorceress; a 13-year-old male swordsman/archer with his own sword style, 'Dos Blados' (guess what that entails :P); a 13-year-old, very high level female humanoid Darkling (she looks like a normal human except for a few slight things); and a 14-year-old male summoner, or 'Talaban.'

    I can't really explain it properly with a summary, because it's a lot more complicated than this, but I can put up character descriptions and things if that helps. I've also started working on the storyline and stuff, so I could post the storyline for the first chapter if you'd like to see what it's like. Advice and criticism are very much welcome; jerkassery and trolling may kindly be left outside the thread, please.
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