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Thread: This happen to any of yall? Lol

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    This happen to any of yall? Lol

    Man i aint been on here for a while. Been so busy with my comic book, and trying to make videos for Youtube.

    I come back on here and there are SO many unread threads that i now have to go through each one -.-

    any of you have that when you stay off a site for a while then come back like "GRAAAAH READING!!!!" lol

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    Nope, I browse through em and get on with it.

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    Or you could go Forum Actions > Mark Forums Read.

    Also this doesn't belong in the GD why would you make this thread here I mean really

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    I just ignore all of the threads in such a case.

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    Well i try not to ignore any of them, cause im TRYING to be more active but idk why i dont. I just have a hard time finding topics i can post to. And im not the most frequent person on forums, i usually spend a lot of my time while on the computer either watching some vids, reading comics, or working on MY comic lol

    But i do like the feature to mark the threads are read lol


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