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Thread: Question to all Artist?!!!

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    Smile Question to all Artist?!!!

    Question to all Artist?!!!

    Well I'm trying to figure out what kind of style I'm trying to go for in my manga......Like....I have my own style...but I cant get it to be at what I want it to look like...for instance:

    My manga starts is a manga that starts off about 50-100 years from now.....and at first its pretty serious(not so much as like death note but more like bakuman at the beginning)

    So Idk what Id have to do to get some of the same kind of art work and detail Id see in "Bakuman","Deathnote".....

    I'm going for a semi -realistic maybe a little less that that but have no way to figure out what to do with face,hair,eyes,body for a typical manga similar to the style of "bakuman".

    Id really like it if someone would help me out by posting a detailed tutorial or something...anyways thanks and hope to see replies.

    - Tag

    posted to this thread also,didn't know which I could put this in soooo...yeah

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    Gosh, I saw this book in the library that could help you... If only I could remember the name... I'll think, my memorys random so I might remember in a few miniute.

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    First of all the style you like is a very highly leveled way of drawing.
    The art of the manga you like is detailed and demands many years of practise (not to mention that the guy who is drawing them is a pro)
    So taking some art classes will be a good idea to learn the basics.
    Then it is all hart work, time and effort.
    If you are starting now to draw manga and have no previous experience with human body drawing and things like that, reaching to a good level will take years, so be patient.
    Here are some sights that helped me improve:
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    No,its not that I dont know how to draw....I know anatomy,perspective,figure drawing,ect......

    Its just I want to draw like the style seen as detailed like that...I just dont know how Id get there or what to know....

    making the eyes lager ,wider,smaller....putting the nose here,there stuff like that.....

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    One word: Photography.

    Most of those comics use photography to have reference of the spaces and details. A example of this methodology is Tony Harris, you can read more about who he is and how he use it in this link:

    Many japanese artists use photography or (as Gantz creator) blender, 3D digital art. Those techniques make the work on details way more easy and fast. Also ones you have a good picture you like, you can use it over and over again, the copy & past method is very helpful.

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    I agree with ClockHand. Photography for reference is the way to go. I use a really old figure study book full of photos of all kinds of poses & body types sometimes. It's in black & white & has really cool shadows. Perfect for my cartoony style. But I think photos can help just about anyone because we are, after all, imitating life as artist.

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