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Sighing, I sit up. My head groggy, vision blurred thinking to myself 'where am I again?' vision slowly returning I find myself in my 'room' it was really a study in this, I don't know, what would you call it... A fort maybe. I found it a week ago, I felt most at home in this small privet study, the walls where a deep red color. On the north wall the one closest to the door was a wooden desk close to the color of the walls. There was a window on the south wall, two, but do to the hole building being under ground I always left the golden curtens closed. The floor was black tilte, which I liked the best because of the cold beneath my feet. There what's several selves with books and journals, but this fort had a huge library so I haven't gone around to those books.
I keep all my belongings neatly under my 'bed'.