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Thread: ~The Beginning or The End~

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    ~The Beginning or The End~

    In the beginning, the first beginning.
    5 where born.
    Leben a girl also known as an Angel,
    Ruin a boy also known as a Demon,
    Pausenlos a boy also known as Father Time,
    And Mensch a boy with Frau a girl also had known as humans.

    In the beginning, the first beginning.
    They created the world was we know it, before-Before the first 5 the first animals of earth turned to unnecessary violence. Some say man is the bridge between God and beast, that would be true, would, if a God was real.
    They all had a part of what the world became.
    Leben fixed animals and plants to what they should be,
    Ruin took the animals and planets when he deemed the right time,
    Mensch and Frau invented and built making progress,
    And Pausenlos made sure that balance was strong.

    Soon the beings had children with similar but weaker powers
    Leben, Ruin, Mensch, and Frau had children,
    But for safety Pausenlos did not have children.

    Soon the children forgot their powers new animals where created and the planet was covered. The only ones that never forgot were the children of Ruin because they had always lived in Hölle also known as heaven/hell. They couldn't forget. The first 5 beings have started fighting and soon a war might brake out the only problem is almost no one knows what they are. Not only that, but soon a group of Pausenlos children is found, all teens.

    Ruin has slowly gotten mad, for all those years people blamed him for their bad happenings, so mad he decided to show the world what real damage he can do. Soon he'll open the gates between Hölle and Earth.

    A new group of teens with incredible power has been found, which one are you?

    Leben’s children can:
    Shift Shape
    Talk to animals
    Control plants
    Make a tsunami (Two powerful people working together.)
    Make a earthquake (With the help of a child of Mensch or Frua.)
    Bring someone back from the dead (With a child of Ruin)

    Ruin’s children can:
    Health steal
    Shift Shape
    Summon un-dead
    Control darkness
    Bring someone back from the dead (With a child of Leben)

    Mensch’s/Frau’s children can:
    Be fast medics (With medicine)
    Think incredibly fast
    Build almost anything
    Control over metal elements (That's like more then halve of the periodic table.)
    Make an earthquake (With two childern or with the help of a child of Leben.)

    Pausenlos children can:
    Shift Shape
    Mind control
    Read minds
    Stop and start time (With two or a child of Mensch/Frua.)

    Not only that but ever individual had his or her special power
    ~Fast thinking
    ~Great hearing
    ~Great seeing
    Maybe something else but It has to pass me.

    All the normal rules
    What I say goes
    No controlling Leben, Ruin, Pausenlos, Mensch, and Frau.

    Child of? :
    Special skill:
    Bio: (At lest 3 sentences.)

    (Everyone with powers are direct descendent of the first five, yes their immortal and you only know one of your parents unless it’s Ruin. You don't have to be a direct distending if you don't want to. If too many people become children of 1 of the 5 I will cut that person off.)





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