Oriel listened quietly and patiently, her expression serene and understanding. She only nodded briefly to the praise for killing the demon, just as an acknowledgement.

"This is praiseworthy, my lady. You did the right thing coming to me." Was her soft-footed response, when it came time to speak. Oriel took up Ambre's hands and warmed them with her own. "You have a good soul, and the Saint will not forget such a deed."

"But... We need to tell Lady Guidonis, you do understand? If we do not resist fear, then only greater evil will come of it. If we do not resist pain, then only greater agony will result."

"I apologize, but I must make that clear. The truth that is the Saint, he is my one true loyalty."

"But I can share the burden. That I will do willingly."

"What is it that you know? What did you see, my lady?..."