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    "I was not aware that we were friends." Theresa said flatly, brushing aside some large cobwebs with visible disgust. "I am, however, quite pleased to see that you found a way to serve the Saint that is wholly appropriate to your disposition. You deserve this so very much."

    Maryse gave a warm smile back blushing a bit herself, and then shuddering suddenly as an echoing sound of weeping filled the catacombs. "Ignore it." Laure commanded to the group flatly, although Theresa and Laure's associates seemed to be unphased by it anyway.


    The group continued through the catacombs, the ghostly (presumably literally) sounds of weeping, screaming, and crying infants getting louder and more intense as they did. Maryse stuck close to Vivien, making small talk, blushing and smiling a lot, and being clearly upset and disturbed by the ghostly noises. The catacombs were darker here as well, less lit torches, more cobwebs, and more visible signs of disuse.

    The group fought a few groups of Zombies, and some Ghosts, but between all the Clerics present it wasn't that long of a fight - and Maryse was able to handle the few injuries that arose. Theresa seemed to enjoy smashing the Zombies, although Maryse was clearly unnerved by some of the Ghosts insisting that they were 'innocent', claims which Laure was quick to respond to; "Where there is sin there is always punishment. If the punishment precedes the sin, then it only serves to prove the foresight of the Saint."

    Maryse didn't feel like talking much, although she still stuck close to Vivien and managed a smile now and again.


    Eventually the catacombs sort of spilled out into the sewers. Thanks to some fortitude enhancing spells from the Clerics, the group was able to resist getting sickened by the foul stench, or the ankle-high sewage 'water' in some places. There were a few zombies here too, presumably they'd wandered in from the catacombs.

    The group continued along the sewers/catacombs (the two began to blend and interweave frequently enough at this point that it became difficult to tell where one ended and the other began) fighting Undead along the way. Eventually they came to a fork in the tunnels.

    "The path forks here although it rejoins a short distance before our destination." She said with characteristic coldness. "There may be heretics guarding these paths, and it would be remiss to allow any of them to escape the Saint's justice. Heresy begets retribution."

    "I shall lead the Novices and Sister Leveque down this route," she pointed, "Lady Noireaux shall lead the rest of you. You shall obey her as you would myself." No sooner had the Witch Hunter finished talking before she was already making her way down her tunnel, not waiting to entertain any questions. Maryse at least gave a sad little wave to the rest of the group.
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