"Vivien, it is my pleasure to help you. That's what I am here for. My door is always open. Well, metaphorically speaking. Quite often it's closed, if we are talking about things literally." Wilhelm gave a light chuckle and smiled. "But in all seriousness, Vivien, do not hesitate to come to me for whatever you may need, be it advice, or simply a captive audience to talk to. I am here to help you."

"You are serving under Ms. Amalric? My, Vivien, you certainly are privileged!" The priest's face took on a less jovial expression as he moved to the subject of Helena, although it was still caring and expressive, devoid of the harsh judgment or scorn Vivien had grown accustomed to as Helena's more-or-less default expression.

"Of course I know of Ms. Amalric - who doesn't? I imagine that she is a very difficult woman to work for, no? I know her type well, however, Vivien. Her type was very common back up in Sigmar. That's where she started out, did you know? Her first jobs with the church were during the Seven Year Crusade. It's both where she started, and where she earned her distinction. I won't pretend to know what sort of person she was before the war, but I would imagine that whatever she experienced up there changed her. I've heard the stories about her and her victories - and what they cost. I understand she's as harsh as the Vetrheim winter, yes?"

"I think, Vivien, that people like her are scared. I think they are scared, and that they are running from the source of their fear. I think most people are, Vivien. Too often, Vivien, people forget to confront the enemies lurking within them and instead focus on those lurking without. The hardest crusade of all is the crusade to conquer the self."

"Oh, but look at me! I ramble." Wilhelm laughed, "I think you get my meaning, though. Hero worship can be dangerous, Vivien, particularly towards a woman such as her. You cannot win the internal crusade if you are caught up in other people's crusades. The Law understands the importance of authority, Vivien, but I think it is even more important to understand the necessity of that authority being earned and deserved. Ms. Amalric is most certainly an important servant of the Law and deserves all of the accolades she has received, but I do not necessarily believe that her path is the only path by which one could have gotten to such lofty heights. Do not lose sight of yourself, Vivien. Your path is yours and yours alone - she cannot walk it for you any more than you could walk hers."